Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweating Sugar?

I know it has been a while since I wrote.  I have been trying to figure out what you would think was important enough to actually read.  Well...I got nothing! Ha ha

I am just going to write my life, as boring as it is, with kids who have allergies...My 9 year old son is my next topic. He is a sweet boy who is caring and funny.  My son, Keaton, was bouncing off the walls, it seemed worse after breakfast.  He was getting in trouble at school for fidgeting all the time. His teacher, who did not have any patience with any kid, couldn't stand him anymore.  There didn't seem to be any end to him being an "extreme boy".  One day, like any other day, he was given candy at school.  For some reason he didn't eat it until he got home.  After he ate the candy, I watched him change from the little boy I know and love antsy to a kid who looks like he is on drugs!  His eyes dilated, he could not sit still, he was shaking, and he could not be nice and had no tolerance for his siblings. 

I couldn't stand it anymore, I took him to a few doctors, and the first one did a diabetes test.  It came back negative so the doctor didn't seem to care anymore.  When I questioned him and asked what could have caused this change he told me that he needed to drink mountain dew.  He said the caffeine would help.  OK what?  That is not what I asked. DID HE HEAR ME ABOUT THE SUGAR AND WHAT IT DOES FOR HIM?  So went to another doctor.  That doctor scratched his head and said he could run a diabetes test.

Another doctor tested him for sugar intolerance, which he had.  We also tested for metals in his system.  (Off the charts mercury.)  OH GREAT!  We have deduced is that he got the extra mercury from the chicken pox boost.

Now Please hear me, vaccines are not my enemy.  I am not going to get into a debate on if you should or should not vaccinate your child.  Always research and decide for yourself, my child's situation is my child's not your child's. 

On top of the mercury, he has intolerance to sugar, and other excitotoxins.   After we detoxified from the mercury, the dilated eyes and fidgeting continued until we took all candy/sweets away.  Within a week the symptoms were greatly diminished. How fantastic, right?  I think it is a step in the right direction.  What do we do now?

When can he have sugar, what does it do to him?  I am NOT A DOCTOR, nor do I have a medical mind to offer this situation.  I have found that our doctors didn't either.  Research as well as trial and error has become my new friend.  Ha ha.  It makes me look like I have a medical degree.

What I have found out with my son.  We started letting him have sugar once a month.  He didn't like how he felt when he ate those "treats".  So we waited and did them few and far between.  Today when Keaton has sugar his personality changes to a yucky unloving, ungraceful, mean, selfish, manipulative kid, just as someone who is on drugs.  In the last year, when he eats sugar, he sweats out the sugar.  He smells like maple syrup when he wakes up.  His sheets are soaking wet as if he wet the bed.  His hair is sticky.  OK REALLY?  This is what I can deduce; his organs repel the sugar chemically.  I believe his organs swell and they had to get them out anyway they can. It takes around 3-5 days for my little boy to reappear.

So if you think your children are having difficulties with foods please do not give up looking for what it is happening.  Doctors don't know everything, they know a lot but not everything.  Your body is very smart and reactions are not always throat swelling anaphylactic shock.  Sometimes you might smell something sweet, or your hair starts to fall out, or a rash won’t go away, or a cough lingers; all signs that our house has seen.  If you have them at your house, KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE.