Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ducks are silly little creatures.  I never really thought of them as a pet.  We always went to the neighborhood lakes to feed to ducks on a beautiful afternoon.  Then we found out about and egg allergy.  I was told by the doctor that other eggs might work, quail eggs, duck eggs, turtle eggs...Where do you buy those?

There is a website we were told about duck eggs cost $40 a dozen.  That really wasn't an option for us.  So I found someone who had ducks in her backyard and sold the eggs.  I was so thankful for her!  I started thinking what if something happened to her ducks?  Where does that leave us?  After doing the math and thinking through our time, finances and everything else.  I talked with our community of friends and asked their opinions.  We sifted through all the information and decided for us that we needed to raise ducks.

Our research lead us to the Khaki campbell duck.  This particular breed has been bred for egg laying production.  These Ducks can lay up to 350 eggs per year per duck.  Ducks are not smart at all.  They even need help knowing where they should lay their eggs.  In the picture below is our nesting box.  It has a yellow egg, which is an egg shaped stone.  Where ever we put the yellow they will lay their eggs.

These ducks don't like to fly.  They are really pretty happy hanging out in the backyard.  The ducks love to take baths.  They make a huge mess and spray water everywhere!   I will post a vidoe when google is back up. :)

I wouldn't say that everyone should get ducks!  They can be difficult to care for and they are not anything like taking care of a dog.  I have officially turned into a farmer!  I have to wake up early every morning, even weekends.  I have to have someone watch my farm if I go out of town.  They are smelly, They require constant cleaning and food and water.  So my advise to you if you are thinking about getting ducks DO A LOT OF RESEARCH.  You need to know what it would take to become a duck farmer.

Our little ducks are such a blessing.  Loud and smelly but a real blessing.  We have been considering getting a few more ducks. I will keep you posted. We have ran in to more and more people who need alternative eggs.  It has been great getting know these new families.  For us, having the ducks has been fabulous.  We get tons of eggs, enough to even sell to other families in need and new friends.  (All of those in my community that helped us decide, thanks.  I know we made the correct choice for us)

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