Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eating out!

How hard is it for you to eat out?  Can you go to a friends house and eat with out thought?

My daughter called me from a friends house the other day, she had been invited for dinner! I went silent, more like a deer in the head lights, "uuummm, uuummm"  I know in a minute I am going to have to be very rude and throw the ediquette book out the window and ask, "What are they eating?"  "Sure I will talk with her mom" "hi, sorry but can you tell me what you are having for dinner?"  "Can you please read the ingredients on the box" "I am so sorry but she can not eat that, she can have the meat with salt and garlic"  "I would love for her to be able to stay, I will bring food she can have to compliment what you are having, is that OK?"  As soon as I hang up the phone I start putting together an impromptu dinner and head out the door to make the delivery.  Oh my Gosh, I forgot to tell them that she could not have iodized salt on the meat...We will cross our fingers that she will not have an issue with the salt.

We lucked out this time.
I am not sure how to educate people of our needs.  Do you know?  We order food at restruants like a fussy high maintance princess.  We send food from home every where we go.  It gets tiring to constanly trying to think of what she can eat, where will she want to eat, what are the others eating so she doesn't look completely out of place...

Eating out is difficult.  We don't live in a part of town that has healthy restruant choices.  Anyone wanna open one? :)  We would come. Just to have choices, it would be nice.

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