Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Harvest!

I have been having so much fun this week. 

I have been cleaning the duck pen and watching those silly ducks is always a treat. (cleaning their pen stinks, literally but they are funny birds).  I decided to plant a peach tree in the duck pen.  The peach tree I decided on is called a Florida prince peach.  (It only needs 150 hours under 45 degrees a year which is PREFECT for our climate)  This peach tree is a high fruit producer. So back to planting this tree.  I wanted to plant it in the duck pen so there would be shade in the summer and the fruit that would drop, the ducks could eat.  Can't beat free food right?  Here's my ducks and the stick of a peach tree in the back.

This tree is basically a small stick sticking out of the ground.  Since my ducks have not ability to protect themselves, they are afraid of everything.  And when I say everything I mean everything, the wind would blow and they would run into their shelter quacking loudly in fear all the way. It is so funny to watch my scared little "chickens".  Now that there is a something new in their pen, a stick in the middle of their pen.  They are so afraid of the stick that they will go around the long way to get to their pool.  As they walk on the far side of the stick they keep a weathered eye on the stick just in case it will jump up and pop them. ha ha it is too funny!

I also have been harvesting lemons from our lemon tree.  So far I (Riley, Jada, and I) have juiced 3.6 gallons of lemon juice and 4 cups of lemon zest! My fingers are raw and cut up but it is so great for our family to have lemon juice for Lemonade (recipe on previous post) and lemon zest for seasonings.  We have more lemons to go, looking forward to trying to figure out lemon meringue pie that we can have.  Anyone have suggestions?

I hope you have a productive week.  I will be scraping my fingers on lemon tree thorns and lemon grater,  All for such a great cause a drink I dont' mind my kids having. :) 

Here's to you having a productive week too.  Cheers

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