Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where it begins...

So I was sitting at a Cooking class from Maggie at Whisked Away tonight. (the bacon wrapped stuffed dates were fabulous!)  In my normal fashion, I asked lots of questions of how to substitute what would go best with what, instead of what was on the recipe.  Maggie indulged me with grace and kindness. :)
My Mother, someone who helps me with food for my family, was there.  We spent the time making the fabulous recipes giggling and having loads of fun.  My mom and I kept talking about substitutions and what we thought would work for them.  Naturally, other guests and Maggie asked questions about why we were substituting.  The conversation opened into a lot of "useless" facts that I know because of the life I have been given. Facts like; duck eggs, making butter, gluten free foods, super foods, shopping for foods.
The guests were very kind and listened to all my many tales.  They actually asked questions and wanted to know how and why I knew what I knew. They were allowing me to talk which got me excited about what I know and made me feel as though I might have something to offer others.  They all shared that I should begin a blog that shared all the things I have learned in my struggle, share my struggle, and my love for what my struggle really is and where is has brought me.  All in hopes that there might be one person out there who needs to hear this information as much as I did at one time. 
For those guest and Chef Maggie who really encouraged me to do this, Thank you for the thoughts and ideas for this blog.  Thank you for the biggest ego boost of my life! and Thank you for being willing to follow this blog! I hope I don't let you down!
So it begins...My Struggle will hopefully be your gain.

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