Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Egg Allergy anyone?

My daughter went through about 2 years of every time we went to the doctor we had to take one - three more things out of her diet.  We were not allowed wheat, sugar or milk. So we ate lots of eggs and bacon.  You can get eggs anywhere right?  It was any easy way to stay main stream for my daughter. 

Then the doctor visit came where we were told she was allergic to chicken eggs!  OH MY GOODNESS! WHAT THE HECK?  What do I feed her what do I feed her, what do I feed her?  I cried for three weeks.  She was eating fruit smoothies, rice and meat.  I could not wrap my brain around what to do for her.

The doctor did say something about Chicken eggs are different than other eggs.  We could look for quail eggs or duck eggs.  She gave me a name of a website that would sell both.  So we checked it out.  $40.00 for a dozen duck eggs!

I happen to be a part of a couple different co-ops.  So I sent out an email looking to see if anyone knew where to get duck eggs in town.  I was so blessed when a woman who runs one of the co-ops had ducks in her backyard and she sells the eggs. OH what a blessing!  We tried the eggs and my daughter did not have any adverse reactions. Yeah, we were back in business!

Throughout a few months we decided to raise ducks ourselves.  We wanted the eggs to be available as we needed.  So we did A LOT of research on ducks.  We decided that we could do it. 
We decided on khaki campbell ducks, they are known for egg production.  They can lay up to 350 eggs per year per duck.  We made a pen, duck house, bought food, and feed troughs.  Then we ordered the day old ducklings, they were so cute!!!

The real blessing has been the people we have met because of the duck eggs.  Our five little ducks actually feed three additional families who have egg allergies!

No duck eggs do not taste any different than chicken.  Duck eggs are bigger.  The only difference I have found is that you need to add a little more flour in baked goods to help soak up all the duck egg.  That is an easy fix.  We eat scrambled eggs, over easy eggs, hard boiled eggs, we bake with them, home made pancakes, and breads. 

Stories of ducks and pictures to come.  They are funny little birds and they are my lifesaver.

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  1. That's amazing that there is such a difference between chicken eggs and duck eggs! I can't wait to see some pictures of the ducks.